“The Award Goes To” Returns for Open Demo at GameX

Today is the last day we were at GameX. I wish we had given you guys more notice, but some stuff fell through, so we headed on back.
We ran a little late getting to the con, thanks to a number of setbacks that started from early in the morning and just kept on going throughout the day. There was a happy surprise, though, in having the creator of the game able to make it to the con last second! We got there around 1:30, set up a VIP table, and ran about 5 games in the 4 hours we were there.
We also made some nice friends with some up and comers. Congrats to Stephen DeBaun and Alyson Warner, whose game reached full funding on KickStarter last night! Be sure to check out their game, ARS Victor!
All in all a great experience at GameX. If you missed us, don’t fret! There will be other demo events. We will keep you guys updated!

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