GameX Was Awesome!

GameX was an amazing experience, even though we were only there for a few hours in the afternoon! All of you guys who came by my table to play The Award Goes To are great and we hope you liked the “Cristoph Journey” bonus card!
We managed to get a set up for the VIP table, thanks to Eric Burgess with Strategicon, which gave a bunch of people a nice view of the game as they walked in from the hotel. We ran a some games and met lots of interesting and wonderful people (other game creators and just plain gaming enthusiasts).
The vendors in the hall were also very friendly and helpful. Thanks to Game Ogre and to Seth’s Games and Anime for offering to help pass out information for the Kickstarter for us, and thanks to all of the great people who came by, showed interest in us, played with us, and even the ones who just came by to chat as we were setting up! You guys are what will make this game a success, and I hope that you know just how important you are to us!

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