Rough The Card Game Box

: The Card Game [150 Card Edition]

Some games are tough, some are torture, some are easy, but this game is Rough. This game strives to take the game play dynamics everyone is used to and turn them on their head. A fast paced game where people are sometimes eliminated from the game before they even get to play a card. Players get five cards at the beginning of the game. Players play a card on their turn that forces one player, two players, or the whole group to perform a physical, or ridiculous task to stay in the game. Asking the question, who wants it more?

Boxed Game with 151 Cards, and a Rulesheet.

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The Award Goes To Box Art

: Core Set

You want to be the most acclaimed of movie producers. The only way to do that is to collect accolades from your industry. To reach this goal, you are going to have to make some pretty good movies. Unfortunately, your fellow producers are onto you, and they want to beat your box office star power. However, if you can collect five awards for Best Picture, you will be inducted into the Producer’s Hall of Fame. Can you artfully produce five of the best movies ever made?

Boxed Game with 110 Cards (60 Actor Cards, 25 Title Cards, 25 Scene Cards), 40 Award Tokens, and a Rulesheet.

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Corporations Box Art


A two to four player game about the most powerful entities known to man. Corporations! Do you have the most power, and prestige of all your friends? You’ll have to underhandedly and surprisingly steal your friend’s corporations, before they steal yours.

Boxed Game with 70 Cards (1 3x Power Cards, 3 2x Power Cards, 9 1x Power Cards, 1 3x Money Cards, 3 2x Money Cards, 9 1x Money Cards, 1 3x Stock Cards, 3 2x Stock Cards, 9 1x Stock Cards, 10 Junk Bonds, 3 War Bonds, 18 corporation cards.), and a Rule Card.

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Anti Social Box Art

: The Anti-Pawn Placement Game

In this game you do not want to place, or have your pawns placed on the board. Each turn players may play up to two cards (Anti-Social Behavior), and must place a pawns on the board. Once the board is filled, the game is over. Player with the least amount of pawns on the board wins.

Boxed Game with 36 Cards, Small Square Mat Wink, 40 Pawns (10 Blue Pawns, 10 Green Pawns, 10 Red Pawns, 10 Yellow Pawns), and a Rulesheet.

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Box Art Coming Soon

: The Pirate Loot Game

Being a pirate is dangerous, filled with adventure and wonders to be seen. However all of that is not why we do what we do. We do it for the loot, the gold gems that sparkle and drive us insane. All the bloodthirsty pillaging, all the cannon fire, it’s all to get the loot. Once the voyage is over, it’s what we wait for, the Divvying of the loot!

Clam shell Box Game with ___ Cards (___ Mission Cards, ___ Action Cards), One Game Board, One Dice, 6 Game Tokens, and a Rulesheet.

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